June 3, 2021

Yeah, it’s been awhile, but I think I’m back. As “proof” 🙂 I’ve made a mix of excerpts from some of what I’ve been working on the last several months. I’ve put it on Bandcamp.

In the order they appear in the mix:

A completed piece I haven’t figured out what to do with.

“Lost Room” (excerpt)
New work with Sara Ayers. This section will likely be noticeably different when the piece is finished.

“Blue Wood” (excerpt)
Very much a WIP with, currently, no particular place to go.

“Outpost” (excerpt)
A lengthy piece that was originally intended as a bed for a particular poet, but his interest wasn’t piqued so I’ll finish it myself. I’ve already reworked enough of it that he probably wouldn’t recognize it as something he’d already heard.

“Efem10” (excerpt)
A working title for another WIP. What I’m trying to accomplish here hasn’t quite made itself known.

“16 Spectres” (excerpt)
has been a WIP for so long, I may decide to never finish it. 🙂 I doubt I’ve revisited it more than once a year. Maybe not even that often. (I really should keep better notes – like Swamp Messiah does.)

“Caught Between Madness and Innocence” (excerpt)
A WIP designated for an album in progress titled Substantiating Nightmares.

“Lights Out, Pale Blue Dot”
A finished piece earmeaked for Substantiating Nightmares.

Plus! It had always been my intention to write English lyrics for “Sombre” (the Sampson – Carroll tune that appears on From Dust to Dusk) and then get the song re-recorded. Well, the re-recording isn’t going to happen but the lyrics finally did(!) and they’ve been added to the proper Bandcamp page. They fit real well with the vocal melody.

Ahh, well that’s all for now folks. Be well – stay well.


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