Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are wonderful. They’re a multi-win. Paying pennies on the dollar for something that’s lightly used; stuff gets re-used instead of finding a new home in a trash dump; the stores are able to employ people who might otherwise have trouble finding meaningful work.

I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over the past few years though. People are “donating” broken electronics – stuff that’s truly unusable. Instead of disposing of the broken stuff in an ethical manner, they’re dumping their trash on thrift stores (none of which have the personnel or facilities to be testing every piece of electronics that comes their way). So, the store employees waste their (and the store’s) time stocking junk. Customers waste their time buying something that doesn’t work, or doesn’t work well. The fact that the broken stuff is returnable is hardly a positive, as it means more time wasted for the customer. And now the thrift store has to deal with disposal. All because some (quickly becoming far, far too many) people can’t be bothered to do the right thing in the first place.

Now, take that last sentence and expand it over everything those people do. It isn’t hard to see that a dishonest attitude about broken stuff walks hand-in-hand with their attitudes about the rest of their lives.

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Maudlin is an emotion for soloists.


A few of the WIPS I talked about last October are now on line.

The Sampson – Carroll album Crepuscular Stirrings is here.

The cover of I Don’t Remember is here.

Ocean, with Sara Ayers, is here.


Collusion will be your epitaph.


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Playlist 12-09-2022

Klaus Schulze: X

Oingo Boingo: Gratitude

Steve Hillage: Canterbury 1979

Asia Minor: Crossing the Line

David Harrow: The Succession

Harald Grosskopf: Synthesist

Taj Mahal Travelers: Stockholm 1971

Michael Bruckner: Klaustrophilia

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Works In Progress

Current WIPs

CREPUSCULAR STIRRINGS: An album of commercially unreleased Sampson – Carroll material that was recorded over a period of years. I’ve been revisiting the original mixes this year and adjusting where deemed necessary. As soon as I can tame some wayward bass frequencies in one of the pieces the album will go to Bandcamp. Unless I find something else that needs addressing. Which I hope I don’t as this collection has been a LONG time in the works.

SUBSTANTIATING NIGHTMARES: An electronic piece of adventuresome atmospherics. Almost there.

I DON’T REMEMBER: Cover of the Peter Gabriel song, this one is sorta close to completion. Except I may succumb to re-recording the vocal.

PAINTING THE SIDEWALK: I’ve learned a lot regarding mixing over the last few years. The object here is to bring some clarity without losing the original mix density. This is likely to be a long-running WIP.

OCEAN: A collaboration with Sara Ayers. It’s in the final tweakings phase.

NO SMALL LOSS: Another electronic piece of adventuresome atmospherics that’s almost there.

BEWILDERMENT (LOST IN A CONTINENT OF): Early stages for this one – only a piano track and rough / demo vocal.

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Five Alive

There’s a well-protected place in my psyche for avant-rock music. I also have a strong appreciation for Western (usually European) music that incorporates styles, scales, etc. from regions like North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Asia. Not that I can discuss the technical aspects of those scales and styles, but they definitely resonate with me.

When avant-rock artists connect with musicians from those regions, it feels like heaven on earth. In my mind, this meeting of French and Korean is especially noteworthy. Ladies and gentlemen: PoiL Ueda.

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Have You Heard (and Watched)… ?


Orange, You Glad?

Proving Grounds (audio) (with Sean Carroll)

Proving Grounds (video) (with Sean Carroll)

Barefoot in Imaginarium

Elegy for a Drowning World (with Sara Ayers)

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That Was Only Yesterday

It was going to be “today’s playlist” but I kept thinking I’d be adding to it and that never happened. I just got too busy with stuff that didn’t have headspace for someone else’s music.

I find it interesting that this list starts out in an electronic/space/Berlin School manner, quickly moves to avant-prog/art rock, back to electronic/space, and ends in a post-rock/drone manner. I’m not really aware of how much my listening crosses genres unless I keep a list like this.

Also, it’s unusual that what I listened to was released during the last 13 years. I’m normally more spread out over the decades than that. At least, it feels like I am.

Kubusschnitt: The Core (2022)
Unit Wail: Retort (2013)
La Coscienza di Zeno: La Coscienza di Zeno (pt 2) (2018)
Martin Stürtzer: Dyson Sphere Alpha (pt 3) (2021)
Palancar: Final Theory, Vol. 1 (2018)
The Silent Ballet, Vol. 13 (2009)

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Words to sing by

New lyrics posted on, of all places, the Lyrics page. The Silly Comes is an Often Coiled song and appears on the self-titled EP.

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Have you heard… ?

Bay of Mystery

Hallowed Bones

The Middle Mass Extinction


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As a matter of fact…

“The paradox of any artist’s life is you need to cultivate confidence AND humility to survive.

But you know what? That’s the paradox of your life too.”

Chad Clark / Beauty Pill

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