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Once upon a time, there was a thing called The American Dream. If you grew up in the United States you were told all you had to do was work hard and you’d attain a level of affluence, comfort and … Continue reading

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Hell Jar

The music is “old” (released on “Odds-n-Ends” 2018) but the video is bran’ spankin’ new (five days ago as I type). HELL JAR on YouTube Caution in the initial step – dragging shadows past their usefulness. Beloved believing in their … Continue reading

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“Who controls the past controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell

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Circle of Fits

from “IF WE HAD KNOWN” (Sara Ayers and Jeff Sampson) Oh terror, what is the cause?How did I lose my peace and accord?My last wish was different than the ones before,how did I get myself so turned around? Perhaps it’s … Continue reading

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No Change

“It wasn’t that we were on the wrong side. We were the wrong side.” Daniel Ellsberg (talking about the Vietnam War)

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‘Bout time I caught up with this. newest audio releases San Ren Sei: Potion of Hour Often Coiled: Slowercase Jeff Sampson: 20/20 Hindsight (Subtle Misses) newest videos Jeff Sampson: Dharma Darkling Jeff Sampson: Spirits in the Dry Land Jeff Sampson: … Continue reading

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Star Sign

Music with No Boundaries and Moon in Experimental

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Philosophy Now

For any future being to like the past, the present must sit unencumbered. Nonetheless, a perfect partaking of said present will only be acknowledged in the future as the past. Surely, a future without a reliable past can only come … Continue reading

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Dressed for the Weather

While mountains are crawling inwardI’m drawn to the sound and the smell.Carefully climbing backward,I couldn’t wait for youto tell if the method in the madnessbrought about by shadows tossedproved strength in determination –could move the future from the past. Launching … Continue reading

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Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are wonderful. They’re a multi-win. Paying pennies on the dollar for something that’s lightly used; stuff gets re-used instead of finding a new home in a trash dump; the stores are able to employ people who might otherwise … Continue reading

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