Hell Jar

The music is “old” (released on “Odds-n-Ends” 2018) but the video is bran’ spankin’ new (five days ago as I type).

on YouTube

Caution in the initial step –
dragging shadows past their usefulness.
Beloved believing in their grieving
remainders are reminders of a shallow past.

Cold are the thoughts intruding on desire
(weighted threats enclose the hollow throne).
Vanquished reluctantly, kneeling over mind –
spirits impaled upon the pyre.

Lost traction again –
spinning, spinning, spinning, spinning away.
That empty frame lying naked in the hall
determines all, the more I couldn’t say.

Aberrations on the trail lay waste to endless peace,
marking passage built on wanderlust in pain.
Rain falls again, washing clean the tainted grief,
leaving shadows in restraint along the way.

Cried for help, but the damage was done –
turning, turning, turning, turning away.
Reasons relinquished were second to none
(dead heart relieved to be a soldier).

Crossways in the wrong time, head lost in the roar –
the wrong way reveals a malice grin.
Nine locks upon the door, feet nailed to the floor,
turning, turning, turning, turning within.

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