Kepheus is, so far, a one-off collaboration between Jeff Sampson (voices, synthesizers) and Byron “Haslam” Paladin (synthesizers). Actually, the project began with four people involved – along with Jeff and Byron, Gene Williams (synthesizers) and Tatiana Brainerd (voice) participated. Unfortunately, other commitments pulled Gene and Tatiana out around the project’s mid-point.

Jeff has been part of multiple collaborations (Sampson-Ayers; Sampson-Carroll; SanRenSei; Woosh; Akrude,…) and has several solo works to his credit. Byron has a rich catalog of solo work under his Haslam moniker. Gene is no stranger to dark ambient – his Mindspawn project has fans worldwide. Tatiana works with Gene in a project with an evolving name, and has appeared on releases by Matthew Florienz.

A somewhat vague concept of “dark ambient” provided the initial project outline. Before long, strains of spiritualness, ethereality and humor crept in. The final result, the CD “Dark Matters”, is music that’s deep, dark, and ritual – and light(er), ethereal and introspective.

Jeff Sampson: voices, synthesizers, software
Byron Paladin: synthesizers, software
* Gene Williams: additional synthesizer
+ Tatiana Brainerd: additional voice

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Catechasmic * (1:38) [audio:|titles=Catechasmic]

Welcome – Help Me *+ (5:49)[audio:|titles=Welcome – Help Me]

Mannequins Ball by Kepheus

Moaners and Screamers (8:26)
Leave Space for the Ghosts *+ (7:02)

Angelheart by Kepheus

Shapeshifter *+ (8:08)

Benediction by Kepheus

Ascension (5:53)[audio:|titles=Ascension]