Kuunganisha is Jeff Sampson (voices; synthesizers; electronics) and Garry Quintana (acoustic percussion).

The word Kuunganisha comes from Swahili, and means “merging” – the duo’s musical intent is to bring together earth and space, history and technology, the ancient and the new.

Garry’s tools of choice include a variety of living instruments (made from wood and clay), including gyle, udu drums, African drums, and talking drum. He also plays congas, mbira, berimbau, and a variety of “small” sound-generating objects one usually strikes with a stick. His rhythms and patterns have a strong connection with ancient, indigenous people of Africa and South America, as well as Caribbean Latin styles. He has a strong appreciation for British jazz-rock of the ’60s and ’70s (Colosseum, Nucleus and the like). His affinity for ensemble playing enhances the fullness of the group’s music. Garry is the ground in Kuunganisha.

Jeff’s singing is often described as “emotional” and “vulnerable”. He uses effects and looping to create haunting, ethereal and calming atmospheres. Synthesizers are used as an accompaniment tool, adding pads and layers to further the sense of space in the duo’s music. A child of the sixties, he’s always appreciated artists who search for meaning and statement beyond the normal boundaries. Jeff represents the sky in the group.

The music of Kuunganisha combines atmosphere and rhythm in ways that let your mind, feet and heart journey joyfully. Equally adept at short pieces of intense, percussive charges and lengthy, spacey jams, Kuunganisha’s music is a magic carpet ride for your mind’s eye.

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contact at: kuunganisha (at) burningshirt (dot) com

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