Some things just take a long while to reach fruition. Sara Ayers and I released a three song EP back in 2006 (Thrice Thy Heart Shall Broken Be). A year later (maybe less), the label discontinued it without saying anything to us. We moved it to another online shop, which eventually (and quietly) closed its doors. Again, no notice given to us.

During those years in between we slowly and sporadically worked together on new songs. Life kept getting in the way. Then, life REALLY got in the way.

However, after individual despair and heartbreak, we found ourselves helping pick each other up. And we finished what we’d been working on, polished what was already “finished”, and ta-da! – a new album of mostly previously unheard material. (We’ve included the songs from the 2006 EP, remastered to fit sonically with the more recent work).

Some of the work is ethereal, some is more song oriented. It can all be heard at

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