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Playlist 12-09-2022

Klaus Schulze: X Oingo Boingo: Gratitude Steve Hillage: Canterbury 1979 Asia Minor: Crossing the Line David Harrow: The Succession Harald Grosskopf: Synthesist Taj Mahal Travelers: Stockholm 1971 Michael Bruckner: Klaustrophilia

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Five Alive

There’s a well-protected place in my psyche for avant-rock music. I also have a strong appreciation for Western (usually European) music that incorporates styles, scales, etc. from regions like North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Asia. Not that I … Continue reading

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That Was Only Yesterday

It was going to be “today’s playlist” but I kept thinking I’d be adding to it and that never happened. I just got too busy with stuff that didn’t have headspace for someone else’s music. I find it interesting that … Continue reading

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Play Today

Why does today seem like a good day to tell you what I listened to? I’ve no idea, so I’ll do it. Frank Zappa: Sleep Dirt Eric Snelders: The Source of Scarlet Dreams Gert Blokzijl: Frame of Reference Keller and … Continue reading

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