That Was Only Yesterday

It was going to be “today’s playlist” but I kept thinking I’d be adding to it and that never happened. I just got too busy with stuff that didn’t have headspace for someone else’s music.

I find it interesting that this list starts out in an electronic/space/Berlin School manner, quickly moves to avant-prog/art rock, back to electronic/space, and ends in a post-rock/drone manner. I’m not really aware of how much my listening crosses genres unless I keep a list like this.

Also, it’s unusual that what I listened to was released during the last 13 years. I’m normally more spread out over the decades than that. At least, it feels like I am.

Kubusschnitt: The Core (2022)
Unit Wail: Retort (2013)
La Coscienza di Zeno: La Coscienza di Zeno (pt 2) (2018)
Martin St├╝rtzer: Dyson Sphere Alpha (pt 3) (2021)
Palancar: Final Theory, Vol. 1 (2018)
The Silent Ballet, Vol. 13 (2009)

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