Works In Progress

Current WIPs

CREPUSCULAR STIRRINGS: An album of commercially unreleased Sampson – Carroll material that was recorded over a period of years. I’ve been revisiting the original mixes this year and adjusting where deemed necessary. As soon as I can tame some wayward bass frequencies in one of the pieces the album will go to Bandcamp. Unless I find something else that needs addressing. Which I hope I don’t as this collection has been a LONG time in the works.

SUBSTANTIATING NIGHTMARES: An electronic piece of adventuresome atmospherics. Almost there.

I DON’T REMEMBER: Cover of the Peter Gabriel song, this one is sorta close to completion. Except I may succumb to re-recording the vocal.

PAINTING THE SIDEWALK: I’ve learned a lot regarding mixing over the last few years. The object here is to bring some clarity without losing the original mix density. This is likely to be a long-running WIP.

OCEAN: A collaboration with Sara Ayers. It’s in the final tweakings phase.

NO SMALL LOSS: Another electronic piece of adventuresome atmospherics that’s almost there.

BEWILDERMENT (LOST IN A CONTINENT OF): Early stages for this one – only a piano track and rough / demo vocal.

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