Akrude is Jeph Jerman and Jeff Sampson. They first started improvising as a duo in 1984 (the 10 minute, hard to find, drone epic “An Evening Wander” came from the initial sessions). Over the years, they collaborated on intense psychologically edgy pieces (“Shards”), lounge-laments (“One Face Explains the Other”), trippy space excursions (“Angel Radio Morse Clouds”) and a variety of experiments in a variety of other styles — all the while keeping the need to NOT re-create what they (or someone else) had already done as the unspoken rule-of-the-road.

Finally, in 2002 when Burning Shirt issued the CD Predetermined by Hindsight, examples of their wide-ranging approach to creating art were made available to the general public. By that point, they were using primarily acoustic sound sources, focusing on creating music designed outside normal song structures while simultaneously sounding familiar and comfortable.




Music for listening.

Jeph Jerman

Jeff Sampson